Product review is a short assessment of an online product. This provides a buyer’s perspective of the product ordered. It helps influence the buying decisions of other online buyers. Reviews help in building trust between your brand and customers by creating genuine, informative and concise reviews that project product features, benefits and specifications.

Ecommerce Professionals offer Amazon review services. We strictly follow Amazon’s guidelines for generating reviews for products. There are Amazon services which we use to generate initial reviews. We also send out emails to customers who purchased products by following strict Amazon guidelines.

Amazon reviews will help you to:

1) Promote products

2) Increase brand awareness

3) Generate traffic to product listing on store

4) Enhance sales

5) Increase conversions

We send periodic emails to customers once they make the purchase. With this kind of customer service, customers usually feel obligated to write reviews on the products.

Store level Feedback is very important in order for customer to be comfortable to purchase from your online store. Many times we receive product level feedbacks at the store level, which we can have amazon strike off by raising appropriate tickets on amazon.

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