Most online sellers are aware that if clients are not able to locate the products they are looking for in an online store, then they might not visit the store again for subsequent purchases. Additionally, it is no secret that selling more products online can churn out more revenue. The better the product categorization, the more visitors it's going to carry. Thus, it will affect the store’s revenue in a large way.

Accurate product categorization can bring in lots of benefits to your ecommerce store, right from increased conversions and better consumer experience to elevated revenue. Optimizing your product taxonomy guarantees that your clients can browse through your online product catalogs smoothly.

Online retailers and sellers with large product catalogs can benefit from applying multiple categories for his or her merchandise because it has a positive effect on the filtered navigation. If you keep the product categorization simple, it's easier for your clients to discover and compare a product and thus the conversion rate could be quicker. Further, search engine ranking in addition to user experience can be drastically improved by using descriptive product categories that can facilitate the application of targeted PPC campaigns. It can also measure the result of the campaign, primarily based on definite category landing pages.

Ecommerce product categorization might seem beneficial, but it is very cumbersome and time-consuming process. For proper and organized product categorization, knowledge of how your users search products is essential. In order to develop an accurate and well-organized product category, understanding how your users will search for your products and discerning the characteristics of the product is also important. The information thus gained, can be used to define product categories and sub-categories which is incremental in promoting traffic and enhancing conversion rate. Sounds tedious?

Ecommerce Professionals can pitch in for you by providing product categorization service, which ensures that these tedious tasks are handed over and handled by us, while you focus on your core activities. With experience in product categorization for manufacturers and retailers across diverse verticals, we ensure that all your ecommerce product categorization needs are covered with reliability, in a well-timed manner.

Accurate Product Categorization

We see to it that all the online products listed on store are categorized correctly and are placed as per product attributes.

1) Sensible categorization: Evaluating precise product type for each and every Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

2) New product categorization: Thorough review of every new product is included to ascertain accurate product categorization.

3) Experience of major ecommerce sites: Experience of product categorization on major online retail platforms, like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Optimized Product Taxonomy

Ecommerce Professionals maximizes your online store’s product categorization to make sure your customers have a seamless product catalog browsing rendezvous.

1) Maintaining balance: The right amount of information included in categories will ensure that the customers can easily navigate through categories and buy the products that are best suited to him or her.

2) Fixing category faults: Scrutinizing each category and altering or editing information wherever required can also ensure product optimization.

With more than 20 product categories open for selling across Amazon, it can be overwhelming for online merchants to classify items with utmost precision. This is where the Amazon consultants at Ecommerce Professionals can help you. Your products will be sorted by us appropriately across the open categories as well as the categories which may require approval, so that the visitors find it easy to locate the products they need. This will become a seamless shopping experience.

Product taxonomy, when done accurately, can enhance the user experience and website usability. If locating of the products becomes much easier, the users can quickly complete their purchase. At Ecommerce Professionals, we make sure that your products are classified in accurate categories on your Amazon store to improve the overall user experience and increase product sales. Our experts conduct in-depth meta data and content research to create standardized product taxonomy that facilitates quick and easy navigation.

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