In Amazon Pay-per-Click advertising, Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is very important. Target ACoS is a measure of success, a volatile percentage and a decisive factor in bidding on search terms. Being an Amazon seller, you must have understood by now, how important a low ACoS is for the success of your Amazon Sponsored Products ads. You may be selling a lot of products, but if your ACoS is very high, it will eat away at your profits.

Our Amazon PPC services manage your ad campaigns to deliver the optimum results. Through focused attention on each area, our team can streamline your ad campaigns and bids, which increases your (ROI) and improve your ACoS. If you’re looking to lower your ACoS and want to collaborate with a Marketing Specialist for high PPC ad success, contact us or fill the form to speak with our specialists about building a specialized campaign for your business, driven by data.

We understand the right kind of campaign suited for your store, by determining the correct bidding strategies to lower your ACoS, researching keywords to decide which campaign type is best for your store, optimizing your product listing by using researched keywords and marketplace data to increase conversions. We analyze your PPC campaign structure and make necessary changes, leading to minimized ACoS and higher returns.

Our expert ad specialists can discover and find high-benefit keywords with a low CPC. We can also trace out negative keywords to implement and integrate into your Sponsored Products ads campaigns on Amazon, for lower ACoS. As long time Amazon experts, we create the most profitable advertising possible, to keep ACoS of PPC ads minimum, with attention and continued optimization of several features.

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