Fulfillment By Amazon

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), a key element of any Amazon strategy, is an outstanding service from Amazon. In essence, you place your inventory on consignment to Amazon for fulfilling your orders. The Amazon distribution center takes care of packaging, preparing and shipping ordered products, along with handling most of the customer service-related queries. Amazon levies fees as part of commission, for packing, shipping and also for storing inventory.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you as a seller will leverage from Amazon’s fulfillment account to help earn the BuyBox. If your products are sent to Amazon FBA, your products will automatically get the status of Amazon Prime. Usually when you get Prime Status for your product, the orders drastically increase for that product. The combination of these advantages makes FBA a very popular method of selling your products on Amazon. However, the process and procedures in setting up FBA and the best-practices followed are time consuming and complicated. Our team of experts in FBA fulfillment can identify and analyze the costs and benefits of utilizing FBA to verify if it’s a good choice for your brand and products. Let us help you take full advantage of Amazon FBA and set up account for you.

Many of the products may not be the right candidates for moving the products to FBA. This depends primarily on the FBA fees for the products which are bulky. It is always advisable to obtain Seller Fulfilled Prime which also gives prime status for the products fulfilled by merchant. This requires very disciplined approach and any mistakes done by the merchant can disqualify you from becoming a Seller Fulfilled Prime merchant.

Our Amazon FBA specialists can create your product listings, once you add your products onto the Amazon catalog. Using Amazon FBA, customers are allowed to order your products and Amazon will pick, pack and ship them for you.

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